Coach’s Column

Coach’s Column Round 16

15.07.16 16:36

‘Never underestimate your ability to make a difference’, was the message Dave Hardy delivered to the playing group before our Round 13 clash against Brisbane Lions.

Coach’s Column Round 15

08.07.16 16:22

People talk about revenge in football a lot; sometimes we get caught up in past performances and forget what process needs to be executed to be better than our history.

Coach’s Column Round 13

24.06.16 16:19

When you’re a young kid growing up all your parents want for you are the best opportunities in life, to be the best you can be in whatever you choose to do.

Coach’s Column Round 11

10.06.16 16:18

We take a lot of positives away from last weekend’s game against the Giants, although we only kicked two goals in the second half which both come in the third quarter, stats show we had our opportunities!

Coach’s Column Round 10

03.06.16 16:02

After a disappointing loss last weekend in Alice Springs against the Redland Bombers there were still some positives to come out of the game.

Coach’s Column Round 9

27.05.16 15:58

The AFL Indigenous round is fast becoming one of the major rounds on the AFL calendar and this year the AFL has named the round after Sir Doug Nicholls, one of the great untold stories in Australian sport.

Coach’s Column Round 4

22.04.16 15:43

Making changes to your side on a weekly basis is a given, in my time as coach at Thunder there was only one week we never made a change to the side and that was last year’s preliminary final heading into the grand final.