Darren Reeves with the players

Ways we will grow

27.07.19 07:06

A few weeks ago, I shared a quote with our playing group. Not something new, this is a weekly thing and something I have always done. This particular quote has even more relevance when I look back at it now having had the week we have had.

The quote was a picture of a piechart with the heading “Ways We Will Grow”. In it 70% was taken up with the word ‘Failure’, 20 % said ‘More Failure’ with only the last 10% with the word ‘Success’. When I look at it again, it seems a little deflating and makes you think there is a lot of failure to be had to experience the minimal successes that are on offer in whatever your pursuit is.

As a group, we have spent a lot of time in the pink and purple shaded failure areas pictured in the graph this season. There are many factors in play as to why, but what is certain is the challenges our group has faced and will still need to face moving forward will make the little success that will come their way at some point even more rewarding.

Last weekend was as tough as it gets for a playing group lacking experience, decimated by a ridiculously long injury and unavailability list and already low on confidence. While we are bitterly disappointed with the result and where we are at, the resilience of the group to turn up and get stuck into work again this week is a great sign. As much as any group around, they want to get themselves into the 10% area and see what that feels like. The most important part of that is controlling what they can, and that’s learning from the tough times and striving to improve every day and sticking together no matter what the circumstances.

There will be some tough days and times ahead, more than any of us are wanting to see, but we are certain there is a core group that have the character and the resilience to be part of finding the way to the bright yellow shaded 10% zone. It will be worth it!

Ways We Will Grow