Darren Reeves at the huddle

With bad luck there is also some good fortune

29.06.19 08:51

Football is an incredibly tough game at all levels, both physically and mentally. Inevitably when things are not going as you want them, the more things go against you. No doubt this is one way to describe our season so far.

Injuries have been a constant for us throughout the year and to be successful more often than not there is a lot of luck along the way, especially on this front. That hasn’t been the case at any point this season with last weekend the perfect example; nine changes, eight of those forced through injury.

With some bad luck, there is also some good fortune to come out of it, and this is the opportunity to get plenty of game time into young players, be it players out of our Academy this year or over the last few years. The experience these players are gaining is invaluable and will hold them in a great place moving forward. Even more pleasing is that all of them play without fear, are prepared to work incredibly hard and all willing to improve and learn every day.

What they bring to the club is somewhat contagious, as we’ve seen our more experienced players willing to improve their own games as well as doing what they can to help in the development of the young brigade. It hasn’t led to positive results in the win-loss column at this point, but importantly we are getting some wins by improving in our key areas; consistency and effort.

Again, this week, our team has a great spread of young talent all over the field, as we head south to face a huge challenge against Southport. What an excellent opportunity for our group to continue to learn on the job, and this is hands down the best time for that. We can’t wait for the game to start, there is no doubt that you get the reward for the effort at some point and we have a group that is on their way.

Go Thunder!