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By The Pool with Boof Ep. 4 - Jack Monigatti 20 views· 22 days ago How do you say his name? Does he flinch? Is he an alien? 'Boof' returns for our second last installment of 'By the Pool' thanks to Mecure Darwin Airport Resort with his next victim, Jack Monigatti. #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 NT Thunder Wrap 60 views· 28 days ago A historic season comes to a close. Thank you to those who volunteered, all staff, members and fans, our playing group and those who watched us do battle on the road. Take a look back at the moments that made our tenth year so special. #gothunder #allinthistogether
Thunder Injury Update with Territory Sportsmedicine Ep.18 - exit screenings 25 views· 1 month ago Each year before any Thunder player is cleared play in the Northern Territory Football League they're required to have an exit screening with one of our fantastic Territory Sportsmedicine physios or doctors. This is to assess and address any issues that may have been picked up throughout the season #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 VFLW SF Highlights - Mickey Roberts in Stop Motion 49 views· 1 month ago Watch Mickey Roberts in stop-motion as she chases and slots another signature snap, and then watch it again in real time! #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 VFL W Semi Final - Post Match Interview: Angela Foley 25 views· 1 month ago At the end of yesterday's disappointing loss and elimination from the season, ThunderW captain Ange Foley held the group together in a tight circle and gave them a message. She told them to be proud. Hear Ange's summary of the year and take comfort in knowing we'll be back bigger and better next year! #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 VFL W Semi Final - Post Match Interview: Tim Weatherald 30 views· 1 month ago "We gave ourselves the opportunity to play finals, that’s what you play footy for… 54 girls played for Thunder this year, so it’s been a great opportunity for so many young women playing football, and hopefully, we can get better next year. We really tried to represent the jumper as proudly as we could..." were the words from a disappointed but proud Tim Weatherald #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 VFL W Semi-Final Team v Geelong Cats 96 views· 1 month ago The stage is set for our first ever finals appearance in the VFLW in our inaugural season. We face the Geelong Cats in a do or die semi-final in Melbourne this Sunday. Get the team and read more on the ins and outs here: #gothunder #allinthistogether.
'Willsy' joins Baywatch 35 views· 1 month ago Uhhh, we don't remember the 'Baywatch' intro like this? A new cast member joins the iconic crew that patrols the best beaches on the west coast. #gothunder #allinthistogether.
Thunder Injury Update with Territory Sportsmedicine Ep.17 - ThunderW pre-finals check in 29 views· 1 month ago Ahead of the VFL W finals which are fast approaching, we checked in with ThunderW coach Tim Weatherald to find out how fresh players are feeling thanks to Territory Sportsmedicine. #finalsbound #gothunder #allinthistogether
New ThunderW team song 51 views· 1 month ago As the VFL W finals draw near we thought it was about time we did an official re-recording of our ThunderW song with some of our very own talent! We hope to be hearing this tune a few more times before the season is out #finalsbound #gothunder #allinthistogether
By The Pool with Boof - Ep.3 Phillip Wills 40 views· 1 month ago The season is done. But Boof isn't. He was down By the Pool thanks to Mecure Darwin and ran into Phillip Wills who was cooling off. Hard hitting questions as always from big Boofa about injuries, joining Willsy's crew and a whole lotta sunscreen. #gothunder #allinthistogether.
2018 NT Thunder Women Club Champion - 4th place - Jordann Hickey 7 views· 1 month ago Hailing from the Red Centre, Jordann Hickey transitioned well from the local CAWFL season into the VFL W and places fourth in the ThunderW Club Champion in 2018. Hickey's great attitude and hard-hitting attack in the forward line provided scoreboard pressure to lock away games. Congratulations 'Jordy'! #thunderclubchamps18 #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 NT Thunder Club Champion Wrap 47 views· 1 month ago What a night! Thank you to all in attendance for helping us celebrate the NT Thunder Club Champion Awards night. From the retiring greats of the club to the naming of the 'Darren Ewing Leading Goalkicker Award' and the 'Karen Schneider Most Courageous Award' to our top five best men's and women's players from the season. Watch how it all unfolded here! Read more and grab a full list of winners here: #thunderclubchamps18 #gothunder #allinthistogether
2018 NT Thunder Bloopers, Outtakes and Laughs! 56 views· 2 months ago Another year of behind the scenes strangeness, all in one video! Messing up lines, funny faces and green screen antics all feature in our bloopers for 2018. A huge thank you to all players and staff who were willing to jump in front of the camera throughout the year and have a laugh with us. #Thunderfamily #gothunder #allinthistogether
NT Thunder Club Champions 2018 27 views· 2 months ago In a historic night for the club we crowned our first ever Thunder Women’s Club Champion in Angela Foley and had a first time Ilett Medallist in Abe Ankers. This interview has been brought to you by the letter ‘A’ #gothunder #allinthistogether #thunderclubchamps18