Round 11 coach's column

You are judged on game day results

15.06.18 14:35

It’s been a tough week, never easy after a loss and especially not easy after the first half of the season we have had. Despite the hard work that goes into any footy club on many different levels, you are judged on game day results. Personally, having speculation of an ‘axe’ hanging over you is hard to read, and even more difficult for my family to pick up and see.

We have a proud group of players, extremely motivated to turn around their current form. Everything internally suggests we are moving in the right direction. We’re training hard, having open and honest conversations and showing commitment to each other.

Despite the loss last week, the group felt we turned a corner. It was an improved performance over the course of the game. Midway through the final quarter, we were only 14 points down, still in a position to get the win. We took some risks late to try and steal the game. Unfortunately, those risks didn’t come off.

The playing and coaching group have had many in-depth conversations over the past weeks. At the moment, we have been our own worst enemy, decision making and skill execution have not been at a level required to be successful in the NEAFL. So, we are working hard to rectify these areas.

Coaching at the best of times is challenging, it’s never easy. The head coaching role at NT Thunder has its unique challenges. Pulling together a group of talented footballers from all over the Territory means that on average five to six players that play on game day are based outside the main group in Darwin. This creates a unique situation, getting each player in sync with each other’s game takes some work. Internally, the group are tight. They’re good mates, working hard together for a common goal; to get NT Thunder back playing our brand of exciting footy.