Rd 18 Coach's Column

We want our players to feel pride – Rd 18

28.07.17 09:12

Last week we received a footballing lesson at the hands of a well-drilled Sydney Swans. Polished in every area of the game, hopefully, an experience our young players will walk away from knowing what is required to play at this level.

Losses like that are never acceptable, but we need to learn from it and move on quickly. We still sit fourth on the ladder, a game clear of the Gold Coast Suns and have a realistic chance of gaining a home final.

What has become apparent this week is that no matter how hard we try and have the right intentions there are still Thunder-naysayers out there.

Some ill-informed information went out this week regarding player management plans; I feel it’s important to set a few things straight.

The player management plans are becoming more individualised as we become more sophisticated in our data gathering capabilities. By using GPS data, we can track exactly how many minutes and at what work rate each player performs during a game and at training. This data then helps us manage their training load, gym and recovery programs during the NEAFL season, which means there is potential for the player management plans to be less restrictive for players who haven’t had an overload or an increased level of work during the NEAFL season. We intend to approach the upcoming NTFL season with more sophisticated and more accurate player management plans.

The past five NTFL grand finals have consisted of teams with the most NT Thunder representatives and the player management plans, like the NT Thunder program, is designed to better football right across the NT. Our objectives are to develop players, coaches and administrators that will enhance competitions like the NTFL.

We want our players to feel pride, regardless of whether they pull on their NTFL club guernsey or the Territory colours, and we want them to feel well supported and have every belief that they are capable of great things.