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Update on Thomas Davies

29.03.19 11:35

NT Thunder Football Club (NTFC) met with Thomas Davies on Thursday evening to inform him of a club-imposed sanction following Monday’s happenings, where he was found guilty of aggravated assault in the Darwin Local Court.

In addition to Davies’ court sentence, where he was issued with a term of two months’ imprisonment but released immediately on a six-month good behaviour bond, the NTFC Disciplinary Committee met to determine the club’s next steps.

The Committee reviewed and considered the following in coming to their recommendation:

  • Court sentencing
  • Review of the Court finding documents
  • Player, partner and family’s recount of events
  • Player and partner mental wellbeing meeting
  • Family mental wellbeing meeting
  • Actioning AFLNT/NT Thunder Domestic Violence Action Plan
  • Extensive discussions and considerations of facts presented
  • Consideration of brand protection for all stakeholders
  • Failure of Davies to notify the club at the time/soon after the incident

When coming to its findings, the Committee made it clear that they wanted to ensure the sanction reflected the best possible outcome, which in its eyes was that Tom, his partner and family’s wellbeing remained healthy. They also wanted to ensure Davies gains a clear understanding of the effects of violence in the community and that the possibility of him being in the same situation again is minimised.

The recommendation they put forward to the AFLNT Executive to consider was that Davies be stood down from NT Thunder playing commitments until he has;

  • Attended prescribed counselling sessions with NO MORE Campaign/Catholic Care recommended Clinical Health Professional
  • Completed education sessions through No More Campaign/Catholic Care
  • Undergone internal communication and issue management education sessions

The Disciplinary Committee will only reconsider the playing status of Davies after the recommendation from the Clinical Health Professional and in addition to him complying with all the above set requirements. He will not be considered for selection until Round 5 of the 2019 NEAFL season.

NT Thunder Manager Andrew Hodges said it had been a tough few days for all involved.

“Tom is very much a part of NT Thunder but as a club, we do not condone any form of violence on or off the field.

“These matters are very difficult and highly sensitive, but we have worked through our process quickly, diligently and in consultation with the right people.

“We are committed to continuing our work with all parties to ensure that Tom, his partner and family get the care, counselling and education they need while ensuring the sanction imposed reflects the high expectations and good community values we hold dear at NTFC.

“The team’s focus turns to this weekend’s camp and our upcoming Round 1 game against the Brisbane Lions next Saturday,” he said.