Andrew Hodges reflects on 10 years

I owe the club for the opportunity to represent it

29.06.18 15:03

Last Saturday night was a trip down memory lane, 10 years of NT Thunder. It was fantastic to see some old faces being recognised at the club’s 10-year gala ball. Teams like this always create discussion when a ‘best of’ has to be selected. It means many great players made the side of the decade and plenty of them missed out.

Over the club’s 10-year history, over 230 players have represented NT Thunder. Every one of those players has made a contribution to the club, some more than others. Like any football club, it’s a privilege to represent its colours and what it stands for. I am appreciative of the opportunities this club presents. I might be part of a dying breed, but I’ve always been of the belief that I owe the club for the opportunity to represent it, and not the club owing me for my services.

Many talented players over the years have pulled on the NT Thunder jumper, and this year is no exception. It’s great to have talent, but the talent is worthless if the hard work is absent. The majority of the current group are working overtime to improve, and training sessions have been tough. Players are pushing each other to turn things around and are trying to get the best out of one another.

For the remainder of the 2018 season, I and the coaching group are committed to playing and building a group that will take the club forward. That requires 100% buy-in and commitment from all involved. As a result, you will see some young Territory talent getting the opportunity to play the backend of the season. Rest assured everything possible will be done in the remaining games to get as many wins as possible and get back to that winning culture.