Coach’s Column Round 16

15.07.16 16:36

‘Never underestimate your ability to make a difference’, was the message Dave Hardy delivered to the playing group before our Round 13 clash against Brisbane Lions. It continues to be a key message amongst the team.

We now find ourselves in a deadlock on points, sitting third on percentage. With the home and away season coming to an end it’s obvious that we need to win as many games as possible.

That’s easier said than done! This week we have had a good look at our season so far, from our training program, game structures, injury update and game day operations. There is more than picking your best side each weekend, putting them out on the park and wishing them all the best.

This season we haven’t put together a consistent four-quarter game, why is this? Is it because we are unfit? Too many players injured? We don’t train hard enough? All these questions run through my head, but then I look at the facts.

Speaking with our strength and conditioning coach we reviewed our training to-date and it put all the above questions to bed! Yes, we are fit…and how do I know this? On average our players are covering 28 kilometres a week including games. On Monday players are covering five to six kilometres of active recovery running, Tuesday and Thursday night we average about four to five kilometres per session (this is all backed by GPS recording).

With five games of the NEAFL season to go we have to shift our focus. To match the accurate data we gathered we sought player feedback and adjusted training. We need the players to be as fresh as they can over the last five games without losing fitness.

We also completed an extended review of our stats and listed the dangers and opportunities we had before us.

After a refreshed week and renewed focus the opportunities seem brighter than before.

Go Thunder!