Round 6 Coach's Column

Coaching box dynamics contributed to win

14.04.18 09:59

Our 2018 NEAFL campaign got off to a positive start last weekend at home, it’s always great to kick off any season with a win. We played a quick brand of footy throughout the game and will look to showcase that this week over four quarters.

It was exciting to see the Territory brand of footy on show, along with some individual brilliance from our Tiwi Lads. Dion Munkara was outstanding, following on from his impressive NTFL season.

We had a good night on the ground, all players contributing to the win. Equally, I thought we had a good night in the coaches box with the new faces in the group all playing their part in the win.

It was great to have NT Thunder Platinum Member, Damo Taipale as a guest with the coaching group on game day. Damo came into all pre-game meetings along with sitting in the box and listening to conversations during the game. I have to say, he did a fantastic job of refraining from barracking during the game. Being the passionate Thunder fan he is I’m sure he was quietly cheering on the inside.

The level of the conversation and communication during the game was fantastic. The coaches structure we have this season allows us to give the players important detailed information on different phases of the game and make adjustments to positional or structures quickly. I’m very privileged to have such great group of coaches to work with this season.

This week we hit the road for another challenge that awaits in Aspley. There’s a number of new players in our squad with limited travel experience so we will look to seasoned campaigners in Ilett, Ewing, Rioli and Ankers to lead the way and share their own routines for preparation to perform on the road.